June 12, 2009


After one week delay, finally I arrived in Wageningen in 8 June. The flight is good because not many people, so I occupied five seats in middle rows of the Boing 777-200 as a bed for 12 hours. This time I stay in Bornsesteeg, at 19th floor, good view to spot center and Hovenstein.

Working corner

First day start with a lecture of Dr. Daniel Pauly from University of British Columbia, Canada. He said that we should not believe in FAO fisheries data, and I thought that we should not believe his presented data also :)

Second day continued with a meeting with Paul, Arnol Bregt, and their Msc student, Ms. Phuong from CTU. Her thesis is about to develop a model to evaluate the assessibility of fish and shrimp in to mangrove. That was very interesting but let's wait to see how she continues.

In the afternoon, I was going to center to buy a new sim card, this time, again T-mobile is my choice. The guy who sell the card told me that after register on line at T-mobile website, there are 10 euro credit will be added. I have done registration, but 10 euro still has not come, let's wait! After the sim card, went around to find a second hand bicycle, most of them more than 100 euro which I thought not good to invest for only three month stay here. I am trying to find ones cost less than 50 euro but could not. Then I went to Idealis to pay first month renting.

Continued to walk to Zodiac because I have a meeting with Paul in the afternoon to discuss about works in three months in Wageningen. We made a plan that focus on upgrading proposal, and start data entering, statistics. I also have to do more on reading literatures, working with Phuong on the model. Finished discussion with Paul I walked back to Bornsesteeg, so a whole day walking around the city.

The third day I spent all for the proposal, and of course now, a bit for blogging. I am trying focus on proposal for the next some days before sending to Paul, and then move a bit to database.

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