April 3, 2009

Stakeholder meeting and days after

The second stakeholder meeting was held at Best hotel, Ca Mau city on 1 April 2009. The meeting was successful in term of organizing and quality of discussion. I wished if we have more time, more valuable discussion and ideas would come.

After the meeting everyone went to Can Tho except me. I had to be back the sites to check the sampling.

Friends of mine: fishermen and border guard as usual welcomed my face with local "whisky". We also tried to make a "barbecue" with snake, fish, shrimp, cuttle fish.

"This snake is not too big, how we can share" the guard thought

"But this culltle fish may be OK"

Do you think we have enough "bait" for the "whisky" in red cup, and also in plastic bag??

You also may have a question where those "baits" came from for the barbecue? Yes it came from my sampling traps in deep mangrove forest....after carefull records

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