March 31, 2009

How to open .tab file of MapInfo on Google Earth

You may have a lot of MapInfo .tab files, which contain a lot of usefull information. One day you found that Google Earth is also a fancy tool to play arround with satellite images and maps, and you want to display you MapInfo data on that. Here is the steps of how to do (I assume that your PC is already installed with MapInfo and Google Earth, internet connection is required) 1. Download the Google Earth Link Utility here: 2. Extract the compressed file and run GELink.mbx found in GoogleConnect directory. 3. Open a MapInfo file or a workspace. On the tools tool-bar you should see a green globe icon. When in the map window click on the globe icon to export the map window. 4. Alternatively, to export MapInfo TAB files to Goolge vector format (KML) make a map selection first and then click on the Globe icon. This will export the selected objects to Google Earth. Let's see the result, not too bad :)

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  1. hi, i am following this tutorial. how to extract GElink.bmx in point #2 ?



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