March 9, 2009

How to open Garmin GPS file on Google Earth

Hi all (Especially Tuyet Hoa and Phung Ha)
I would like to show you how to open the Garmin GPS file on Google Earth, which may help to display your sampling sites. As we were equiped by the project some Garmin GPS for field survey, but your data will stay there if you dont know how to take them out.

Before doing that, your computer have to be installed with: 1) Map Source (the CD go with the GPS) 2) Google Earth (free download from
1. Turn on GPS and connect to COM port of computer with cable(this port not available with our laptop, so do it on desktop instead)
2. Open MapSource, then receive data from GPS

3. Save the data by GPS exchange format (gpx)
4. Open Google Earth and open the file, select the format GPS (*gpx, *log, *mps)

5. You done! Congratulation! Now your sampling sites already displayed on Google Earth

@ Hoa: you can download your data at and open it by Google Earth on your computer or Google Map as below

View Larger Map


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