March 31, 2009

How to open .tab file of MapInfo on Google Earth

You may have a lot of MapInfo .tab files, which contain a lot of usefull information. One day you found that Google Earth is also a fancy tool to play arround with satellite images and maps, and you want to display you MapInfo data on that. Here is the steps of how to do (I assume that your PC is already installed with MapInfo and Google Earth, internet connection is required) 1. Download the Google Earth Link Utility here:

Adding more on research design and data collection

As the same as previous trips, this one was very busy with works have to do such as checking logbook recording, sampling, papers, stamps ... More than that this time I have to find location to catch fish and shrimp in the forest, design catching gears, getting people to assist, looking for more places for sampling the catch from shoreline to inland, and many others.... First, look at the picture, drink with people in Nam Can

March 9, 2009

How to open Garmin GPS file on Google Earth

Hi all (Especially Tuyet Hoa and Phung Ha) I would like to show you how to open the Garmin GPS file on Google Earth, which may help to display your sampling sites. As we were equiped by the project some Garmin GPS for field survey, but your data will stay there if you dont know how to take them out. Before doing that, your computer have to be installed with: 1) Map Source (the CD go with the GPS) 2) Google Earth (free download from 1. Turn on GPS and connect to COM port of computer with cable(this port not available with our laptop, so do it on desktop instead) 2. Open MapSource, then receive data from GPS

March 6, 2009

Fishermen profiles and stories

1. Mr. To Van Tung
Mr. Tung was born in 1945 in Nam Can district, Ca Mau province. When he was 7 he already noticed about the existing of river Day. On the river that his Day locates now, there were 3 lines of Day, which now only 2 left. He was growing up and since 1960 he started to join inshore Day with other people.

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